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一般的には、IT技術会社ではHP HPE0-J77 日本語復習赤本を持つ職員の給料は持たない職員の給料に比べ、15%より高いです。これなので、IT技術職員としてのあなたはJPexamのHP HPE0-J77 日本語復習赤本を参考し、試験の準備に速く行動しましょう。我々社はあなたがHP HPE0-J77 日本語復習赤本に一発的に合格するために、最新版の備考資料を提供します。

HPE0-J77 日本語復習赤本は多くの人に便利を与えるとともに、多くの人の夢が実現させるサイトでございます。もし君はまだIT試験で心配すれば、私達HPE0-J77 日本語復習赤本の問題集を選んでください。HPE0-J77 日本語復習赤本は長年の研究をわたって研ITの認証試験に関する品質が高く、範囲は広い教育資料が開発しました。それは確かに君の試験に役に立つとみられます。

試験科目:Designing HPE Backup Solutions
問題と解答:全50問 HPE0-J77 日本語版試験勉強法

>> HPE0-J77 日本語版試験勉強法


NO.1 Which advantage does the HPE StoreOnce Backup System have over traditional, tape-style
backup solutions?
A. It uses disk-based storage
B. it is less costfy tnan tape solutions
C. it uses a virtual base appliance.
D. It uses FCoE technology.
Answer: A

HPE0-J77 専門   

NO.2 What is the purpose of encryption of data-at-rest on a backup device?
A. It prevents external access to the removable media
B. it prevents unauthorized users from restoring the data
C. It allows security auditing of data on the storage device
D. It protects removable media from unauthorized access
Answer: D

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NO.3 How does differential backup differ from full and incremental backups?
A. Backup time is shorter for differential backups than for incremental backups
B. A complete history of files backed up is maintained with differential backups.
C. Full restore time is longer than the restore time of incremental backups.
D. Differential backup leaves the archive bit set
Answer: D

HPE0-J77 方法   

NO.4 Your solution design includes a new HPE StoreOnce backup System. Your customer is concerned
that you will not get the deduplication ratios you have stated. Which resource should you use to
verify the expected deduplication ratios?
A. HPE StoreOnce VSA in No Data mode +
B. HPE Storage Optimizer
C. HPE Storage Sizer tool
D. HPE NinjaThin Assessment
Answer: D

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